Central Massachusetts Recreational Parks

Fantasy Park/Oliva Case Playground Gardner

Below is our attempt to make a comprehensive list of parks in the 26 areas we serve.  Areas are in red and are listed alphabetically. Be sure to check our outdoor section if you are looking for additional recreational activities not listed here.

STATE FORESTS (span multiple towns)

Wachusett Mountain State Reservation (Princeton). 345 Mountain Rd Princeton, MA. (978) 464-2987. 
Leominster State Forest (Westminster, Princeton, Leominster, Fitchburg, Sterling). 1 Fitchburg Rd/Rt 31 Westminster, MA. (978) 874-2303. 
Dunn Park (Gardner). 289 Pearl St. Gardner, MA. (978) 632-7897. 
Otter River State Forest (Templeton). 86 Winchendon Rd. Baldwinville, MA. (978) 939-8962. 
Lake Dennison State Recreation Area (Winchendon). 1366 Main St. Winchendon, MA. (978) 939-8962. 
Willard Brook State Forest (Ashby and Townsend). Rt 119. Townsend, MA. (978) 597-8802.   
Pearl Hill State Park (West Townsend). New Fitchburg Rd. West Townsend, MA. (978) 597-8802
Federated Women's Club State Forest (Petersham, New Salem). West St. Petersham MA 01366. (978) 939-8962 


Playground at the schools.


Pirone Park. School St/Bligh Street, Ayer, MA, 01432. Playground, outhouses. Open sunup to sundown.


Barre Falls Dam. Cold Brook Rd., Barre, MA. Disc Golf, picnicing, hiking, horseshoes, volleyball.  Restrooms available.


Bartley-Nolan / Salem Street Playground
This 2 acre park was completely renovated in 2002, and contains modern play structures with swings, a pavilion with picnic tables, an all-purpose play field, and a half court basket ball court. There is a walking path around the perimeter of the park. It is bounded by Beekman Street and Cliff Street, roughly three blocks west of Water Street. This Park is also known as the Michael J. DiConza Memorial Park.
Caldwell Park
This 3 acre park was renovated in 2003 and has a full court basketball court, large play structure for children with swings, and a small play field. It is located at the intersection of Main Street and Caldwell Street next to the Greek Orthodox Church. The park is also known as the Hellenic Memorial Park.
Coggshall Park
This large park, over 250 acres in size, is largely a passive recreation area. It was extensively renovated in 1990, and is cared for by the Friends of Coggshall Park. Its features include a gazebo on Mirror Lake, a stone house facing the lake, a playground, softball field, and plenty of parking and walking trails. Vehicular access is obtained from Electric Avenue next to the Knights of Columbus Hall, and at two locations off Mount Elam Road. The South Street entrance is closed to vehicle traffic. Restrooms currently under construction.
Coolidge Park
Coolidge Park is probably the most extensively used park in the city, featuring five baseball/softball fields, a swimming pool with toddler water feature area, a perimeter walking path, several soccer fields, two street hockey rinks, a small play structure and a beach volleyball court. It is located at the intersection of John Fitch Highway and Pearl Street, adjacent to the Wallace Civic Center. There are two main parking areas. Parking for the soccer fields is available off John Fitch Highway. Parking for the swimming pool and adult softball fields is accessed from Pearl Street. Restrooms available.
Flat Rock Sanctuary
Although it borders a medium-sized city, Mass Audubon’s Flat Rock Sanctuary gives you a sense of solitude and wilderness you wouldn’t expect to find in Fitchburg. At over 350 acres of mostly wooded habitat, it only takes 5 minutes of walking or snowshoeing in on Main Path, Flat Rock Road, or Scott Road, for you to feel yourself surrounded by a wilderness that connects into southern New Hampshire. It is this undeveloped corridor of land that allows users of the sanctuary to find themselves surrounded by woodland forest birds such as the scarlet tanager and the ovenbird in the spring and summer and by the footprints of medium-sized wild mammals like bobcats and fishers in the wintertime. 
Crocker Playground
Crocker Playground is a recently renovated neighborhood park located on Westminster Street at the intersection of Wachusett Street in west Fitchburg near Waites Corner. Crocker Park features the David M. Whitney basketball court, a modern playground structures, and perimeter walking path.
Goodrich Playground
This 4 acre park is located at the corner of Goodrich Street and Boutelle Street, across the street from Goodrich Street School. The park contains a modern play structure, swing sets, a perimeter walking path and a softball field.
Green Corners Park
This neighborhood park is located mid-way between the Intermodal Train Station and Fitchburg State College between North Street and Willow Street. It has a modern play structure and full court basketball court.
Howarth Park
This neighborhood park is bounded by Rollstone Street, Laurel Street and Walton Street. Its two and a half acres are divided between an upper level along Rollstone Street featuring a modern play structure with swings, and a lower level along Walton Street featuring a basketball court and small softball field.
Lowe Playground
This four acre park adjacent to B.F. Brown Middle School and the Fitchburg Art Museum is divided by Elm Street. A modern play structure with swings and horseshoe pits is located in the western portion of the par, and a softball field, basketball court and perimeter walking path is located in the eastern portion of the park. There is off-street parking available on the school side of the site.
Sadie Quatrale Park/Playground
Dedicated on June 3rd, 2006, this small neighborhood park is located adjacent to the Fitchburg Green housing complex at the corner of Middle Street and John T. Centrino Memorial Drive, formerly known as Fifth Street, in the neighborhood historically known as the Patch. There is a small play structure for younger children with swings and benches for seating.
Monument Park
This historic park contains a memorial to Fitchburg’s fallen Civil War heroes. This historic park was completely renovated in 2004 and two of the canon that graced the park from its dedication in 1885 until the 1950s have been renovated by the Montachusett Area Rotary Club and are again on display. It is bounded by Main Street, Elm Street, Wallace Avenue and Hartwell Street in downtown Fitchburg, across from the Public Library and Registry of Deeds.
Moran Field
This 15 acre site in west Fitchburg is primarily undeveloped and forested. A former softball field near the entrance to the park off Ashburnham Street is now used as a soccer field by local soccer organizations.
Parkhill Park
This park is located in the Cleghorn neighborhood, and features a water spray park with bathhouse, a skateboard park, two play structures with swings, tennis courts, several “Babe Ruth” baseball fields, a basketball court, and a soccer-football field currently under development. It is bounded by Pratt Road, Beech Street, Franklin Road, and Causeway Street. Two parking areas are available, accessed off Pratt Road and Beech Street. Restrooms are available.
Phillips Playground
This neighborhood park at the corner of Westminster Hill Road and Phillips Street in west Fitchburg has a play structure with swings and basketball court.
Riverfront Park
It currently houses occasional concerts, outdoor movies and other events. Planned improvements include a stage with canopy.Currently the park is accessed by Commercial Street off of Boulder Drive. Parking is available at the nearby 400 Main Street parking deck.
South Fitch Playground
This park serves as the home of a little league baseball field. It is located at the intersection of Abbot Avenue and Water Street.
Upper Common
Fitchburg’s Upper Common offers a water fountain with several sculptures by Fitchburg native Herbert Adams, benches and a gazebo. Concerts are offered once a week at this location in the summertime. The park is located at the intersection of Main Street, Mechanic Street and Prospect Street near the Rollstone Boulder.
West Fitchburg Steamline Trail Park
This 4.15 acre park is located at 465 Westminster Street, and includes a parking lot and walking trail along the Nashua River and Flag Brook. This park is the first implementation of the City's plans to develop a network of trails along the Nashua River, connecting to trails in Leominster and Westminster.


Gardner High/Middle School. 200-297 Catherine Street. Playground, Ball field
Elm Street School. 160 Elm Street. Playground, Ball field.
Jackson Playground. Cross Street. Playground, Ball field.
Ovila Case Playground (Fantasy Park), Stuart Street. Playground, Ball field.
Greenwood Playground. Jean Street. Playground, Ball field.
Wilder Field. Waterford Street. Playground, Ball field. 
Pulaski Playground. Charbonneau/Wright Street. Playground, Ball field.
Steadman Playground, Birch Street. Playground, Ball field.
Bickford Playground, West Broadway. Playground, Ball field.
Sam Atter Little League Field, Manca Drive. Ball field
Crystal Lake Park. Crystal Lake Drive. Picnicking


Rainbow's End Playground. Route 68 at Curtis Recreation Field, Hubbardston.


Mary Rowlanson Elementary School and the Perkins school playgrounds.  


Playgrounds located at Samoset School, 100 Decicco Drive (3 play stuctures); Fay Scharmett, Rear of 261 West St. (ages 2-5); Louis Charpentier, 163 Third St. (play structures for ages 5-12 and has splash park); Lionel “Sonny” Charpentier Playground, 525 Litchfield St. (play structures for ages 2-12); Imagination Station at Doyle Field, 206 Priest St. (play structures for ages 2-12); Barrett Park, 40 Barrett Parkway (play structures for ages 5-12); and Louis Amadio Playground at Johnny Appleseed School, 845 Main St. (play structures for ages 2-12).
Arthur A. Fournier Sr. Memorial Park. 525 Litchfield Street. Two lighted softball fields & a Pop Warner football field with lights (all three are fenced), new playground equipment for ages 2-12, two tennis courts and two basketball courts that are in good condition. There is a stone dust walking path around the perimeter of the Park. 
Bachand Field
140 Twelfth Street (American Way). 3.45 acres, which includes three fenced in baseball fields, one of which is equipped with lights, bleachers, rest rooms, concession stand and a paved area for parking. 
Barrett Park
40 Barrett Parkway. 8.9 acre pond (not used at the present for swimming due to water turbidity), one area with playground equipment for ages 5-12, a picnic area, hiking trails, program building, a pavilion, and a main building where the Recreation Department’s main office is located. The Park has two areas for parking, both with hard top surfaces, one within the Park and the other located outside the main gate. The program building is handicap accessible. The Recreation Department provides summer programs and special events at this site. 
Carter Fields
Corner of Merriam Avenue and Hall Street behind 261 West Street. A field for field hockey, lacross or football, and playground equipment for ages 2-5.
Carter Park
125 Main Street, Off Main and Summer Streets next to the Old Town Common and Pine Grove Cemetery. Civil War Memorial dedicated to Oliver Hazard of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment in the center of the Park with a flagpole and a gazebo. The park is used during the summer months for band concerts and special events. There is some lighting near the gazebo and on-site parking is limited.  
Doyle Field
206 Priest Street. Imagination Station Playground. Walking path around the perimeter of the park and track. The main sports field areas are surrounded by a fence and include a clubhouse concession stands, restrooms and coaches/press box, a combination football-soccer field with bleachers, and a lighted baseball field. Doyle Field is the most utilized municipal facility in the City and is widely used for organized sports, school sports, recreation programs, public events, and by private individuals. Across the street are Doyle Tennis Courts-eight new tennis courts surrounded by a fence. Parking facilities are available off of Priest Street between the tennis courts and the school.  
Evelyn Hachey Park
Pond Streett. This facility consists of walking paths, lawn and park benches, an antique light pole, a memorial stone and several flowerbeds.
French Hill Park (Laurie J. Cormier Park)
Corner of Water and Third Streets. It contains a walkway, small ornamental trees, and flowers, with accompanying benches. The Park was dedicated to Laurie J. Cormier, who was Mayor of Leominster from 1956-1964.
Justin DeSantis Field
40 Bernice Avenue. The site is 3.57 acres, including three lighted baseball fields with fencing, bleachers, rest rooms and a snack bar. There is a dirt parking lot available. The fields are used on a seasonal basis.
Johnson Street Park
Corner of Johnson St. and Viscoloid Ave. 14 acres. Skate park, basketball and tennis courts, playing fields. 
Leominster Lassie League Fields
20 Bassett St., off Central Street. The site is 4 acres, which includes two softball fields, bleachers, a paved lot, a concession stand and restrooms. 
Monument Square
The triangular-shaped site bounded on it’s three sides by Route 12, West Street, and Park Street. The total area of the square is .46 acres. Monument Square is a passive recreation area, convenient to downtown shoppers and surrounding neighborhoods. The Square offers benches, shade trees/ornamental shrubs, walking paths and various memorials. 
North Main Street Park
Junction of Grove Avenue and North Main Street. The Park consists of walking paths and park benches, all of which surround a large spruce tree.
Northwest School
45 Sterns Ave. National little league, playground equipment, basketball courts, and baseball fields. 
Prospect Park
Prospect and Lawrence Streets. Walking trails and a small pond with a brook and bridges over the brook and a hiking trail. 
Third Street Playground & Water Park (Louis Charpentier Playground)
163 Third Street directly behind St. Cecilia’s Church. This Park was constructed in 1999 and includes handicap accessible playground equipment for ages 5-12, water play features on a concrete pad, and a small grassy area with benches.


Connor Lourens Memorial Playground. 1025 Massachusetts Avenue. Open to public except during school recesses, Rt 2A (Mass Ave) right behind the library it also has a small basketball hoop area on the access road to the school behind the library.
Reservior Rd. Baseball park that has some swings.
Brian J McNally Park, Whalom Rd. Mostly baseball with some swings.
Wallace Park, Whalom Rd. Playground w/ basketball courts.
Marshall Park. Rt 2A (Mass Ave) right next to Conrads Ice Cream. Baseball fields, a track and a small playground as well as a small skateboarder/bike ramp half pipe. 
Lunenburg Primary School. Ppen to public on non school days and after school, Rt 2A (Mass Ave) has two playgrounds one enclosed for smaller kids and a bigger one for older kids. 


Varnum Brook School Playground (in front of school), 10 Hollis Street. Elementary school (K- 5) equipment and fenced in.
Town Field Playground (behind Sis McGrath Community Center), 4 Hollis Street. Swings, slides, climbable equipment and access to Town Field, Basketball courts and baseball fields.
Big Back Yard Playground. 45 Main Street. Elementary school (K – 2) age equipment and fenced in.


Petersham has a playground at the Center School on Spring Street.  


Krashes Fields Complex. East Princeton Rd. Facilities include ample parking, 3 full sized soccer fields, lighted outdoor basketball court, Marked hiking and nature trails for hiking, snowshoeing, nature watching, Seasonal sledding hill and ice skating pond, Everett Needham Fieldhouse – open seasonally w/ food and bathroom facilities
Now avaialble! Wireless internet access. Access code KRASHESFIELD.
Thomas Prince School Fields and Grounds, Sterling Rd. Facilities include Little League, Softball and Babe Ruth baseball fields, Soccer Fields, Outdoor Basketball court, Playground area, Extensive trail network for nature walks, hiking, cross-country running and snow shoeing, Snack Shack, open seasonally.
Center School Area, Boylston Ave. Facilities include Baseball field, Walking track, Small playground area, Sawyer Field, East Princeton, Facilities include Baseball field, Playground equipment and play area, Open playing field. Plans are being developed for future improvements and enhanced recreational utilization of this location. 
Goodnow Park, Town Hall Dr. Behind Town Hall Annex. Facilities include Passive picnic and hiking recreation area, Frisbee golf course.


Tully Lake Recreation area, 6 Athol- Richmond Rd.  Playground.


Benjamin Hill Park, 93 Benjamin Rd. Swimming Pool, Sledding Hill and Ice Skating Rink, Year Round Party Rentals, Family Fields, Mystical Maze Playground, Skate Board Park.


Griffin Road Fields. Griffin Rd. Ball fields, basketball, track & fitness trails, soccer, football. 
Houghton School/Chocksett School 20 Boutelle Rd. Play equipment, ball fields, open field.
Muddy Pond Fields. Ball fields, T-ball, soccer, softball, small bleachers, port-a-potty.
Redstone Hill. Rt 62. 2 softball fields. Port-a-potty. 
Sholan Park. Hall Rd. Beach, picnic, basketball, volleyball, boating. Bath houses available.
SPARC park. Muddy Pond Rd. Picnic, play equipment, walking trail, pond, waterfall. 
West Sterling Fields. Princeton Rd/Holden Rd. Ball fields, tennis, basketball. Bathrooms available.


Gilman Waite Field. Off Michael's Lane in Baldwinville.
Houghton Park. 9 Main Street, Otter River.
East Templeton Ballfield, Cottage Lane in East Templeton.
Templeton Center Playground, Templeton Center School between South Road and Wellington Road, Templeton.


Kids Kountry Playground, corner of Turnpike Road and Eastman Street, behind Spaulding School.
Howard Park, access off of School Street (north end) and at the far end of the big bus circle at the front of Hawthorne Brook Middle School.  Walking trails along the Squannacook River, 
Old Meetinghouse Park, End of Meetinghouse Hill Road, the section that leads south from Highland Street. Walking trails.


Playgrounds are located at the schools.


155 Central St. Near YMCA. Playground.

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